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This weekend we conclude our series RELEASE as we keep looking at this Biblical concept of releasing your life in order to gain it. Luke 17:33 says, “if you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it. Join us and let’s Release to a new level in all of our lives.


  • Holy Moment—Superchic
  • Everybody Praise The Lord—Lincoln Brewster
  • From The Inside Out—Hillsong United


big announcement

  • new sunday time—Beginning Sept. 13th, 5 Points is adding a 1 pm time…3 times to be here…3 times to invite someone to come with you…3 times to serve. Sept. 13th—10, 11:30 & 1

next steps

  • membership 101Sunday, Sept. 13 at 1:00 pm is our next membership class where you can find out more info on Bay Area Fellowship and become a member.
  • conneXion sunday—if you’ve prayed to begin a relationship with Christ sign up @ Guest Relations to be baptized…we will be doing them along with communion September 27th during all times: 10, 11:30, and 1
  • hometeams—if you’re not in a hometeam…then your next step is to join one…contact Richard Wendland at

volunteer and outreach

  • music auditions—our worship team is looking for singers and musicians…visit our sound booth for an audition card.
  • join a team—with new school year starts new season of growth and a great time to jump in on one of our teams…see any leader for info.

element students

  • sundays—grades 6-12 Sundays 6 to 8…join us for a great evening of fun as we continue our series ESCAPE
  • 5 quarter—if you’re in grades 7th to 12th on Friday, September 4th after the football game, come chill at 5 Points…we are opening up our building for you to hang out from 10:30 to midnight. Video games, music, food, and fun all around. Grab a friend and come hang out.
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A special message to 5 Points from Pastor Bil Cornelius celebrating our 1st Year.

The Power of a Plan

This Sunday we are beginning a new series of messages by Pastor Bil Cornelius called the Power of a Plan.  Learn how with a plan you can take your life to a whole new level.

Join us at Bay Area 5 Points at 10 or 11:30 a.m.

Here is a preview of what’s coming up this weekend:

Mother’s Day & Child Dedications

  • This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day? We have a very special message in store from Pastor Bil; so if you are a mom…you don’t want to miss it!!! If you not a Mom then it’s an awesome day to bring yours…the Mother of your children…or any special Mother you know. We want to encourage them and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated. Every Mom will be getting a super “sweet” gift. Make sure you are here!!!!
  • Bay Area Fellowship dedicates children because we read in Luke 2:22-24 that, as a child, Jesus’ parents dedicated him. In Mark 10:16, we see Jesus bestowing blessings on the children. The dedication ceremony is a time to publicly make that commitment to pray for the child, love the child and then guide the child toward a personal relationship with Christ. We will have a time of child dedication at both the 10 & 11:30 experiences. Please Register Sunday @ Kidz Registration Desk.


Leadership Thought


Here are a few coming events:

next steps

  • conneXion sunday—May 24th is our next Sunday where…conneXion happens…have you recently prayed to begin a relationship with Christ??? Your next step is to be baptized…we will be having baptisms and communion at both the 10 & 11:30. If you want to be baptized contact Pastor Jason at
  • membership 101—June 14th @ 1 pm…get to know us and Bay Area Fellowship a little more in depth…lunch and childcare
  • hometeams—are you currently NOT in a HOMETEAM…then your next step is…to get in one…see the guest relations desk for info or contact Richard Wendland at

community builders

  • leadership summit—Friday, May 15th will be a night of vision, encouragement, and team training…if you currently are not serving on any team…this is a great night to come out and see where we are headed…READ MORE
  • jane’s bible study—Monday’s @ 6:30 pm For Info See Guest Relations Desk on Sunday

volunteer and outreach

  • prayer ministry leader—We are still looking for someone to lead our Prayer Ministry…contact Pastor Jason at

element students

  • sundays—6-8 p.m. grades 6-12 hang out, music and message…this week we are continuing a great new series “Knowing God”

Mom and ChildWe have a great Mother’s Day weekend service planned this Sunday. Come out to 5 Points as we will have a great message to Mom’s from Pastor Bil Cornelius as well as each Mom will be getting a special gift from us.

And to top it off, as a family you can dedicate your child if you’ve never done that.  Please let me know if you are interested in dedicating….nothing special to do…it’s just your way of saying to God you are going to raise your children to know Him.  We will take time during each service to pray over you and your child.

Don’t forget our two times 10 and 11:30 for your Mother’s Day convenience.

Here is a preview of what’s coming up this weekend:

Power of a Praying Leader

There is power in our prayer…join us this weekend for a great message from Pastor Bil Cornelius.


  • Happy Day — Fee Band
  • Take It All – Hillsong United
  • Hosanna – Hillsong United
  • My Savior Lives – New Life Worship

Here are a few coming events:

  • Element Student Ministries – Element this Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Join us grades 6-12 as we wrap up LOST – Surviving the Mystery of the Unknown
  • Membership 101 – Sunday, March 8th @ 1:00 p.m. after the 11:30 experience.
  • Connexion Sunday – Coming March 22nd….baptism/communion/connection
  • Hometeam Leader Training – Let me know if you want to lead a Hometeam we are setting up a meeting to train 5 more leaders.
  • Save The Humans – Be on the look-out in March for this new series at 5 Point.

Opportunities To Serve

  • Be a team member – Click [HERE] and [HERE]

Leadership Thought

Experience Life Beyond Limits

  • Everyone is frustrated in some area of his or her life. No one likes to be limited; whether it is limited income, limited time, or simply feeling like you could do more with your life. Join us this weekend at BAF 5 Points as Bil Cornelius teaches us how to remove the barriers holding us back so we can experience a life beyond limits. You don’t want to miss it.


  • Break Free — Hillsong United
  • No One Like You — David Crowder
  • MIghty To Save — HIllsong
  • Salvation Is Here — Hillsong United

Coming Events

  • Hometeam Leader Meeting – December 10th @ 6:30 pm…We are going to be launching 10 small groups in January and are inviting you to be a part of this vital area of our focus. This is a training meeting that is required for all interested in leading a Hometeam.
  • Christmas ARK Project – Don’t forget that this Christmas we are going to be serving our community in an awesome way.  We are partnering with The ARK by giving these kids a Christmas they won’t forget.  Let’s shower them with love and show them that 5 Points is about GIVING and SERVING.  Read more [HERE] and make sure you pick up a bulletin at the campus Sunday that lists the various gifts to give.

5 Points Team

  • Meet Christy Hansen our Worship Director – Click [HERE]

Leadership Thought

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Coming This Sunday

Vote YES
This election season everyone has a choice to make. As you consider your options, we believe you should vote “YES” to the work God is doing at Bay Area Fellowship. Join us this week as we continue our series with a great message called “SERVE” as we learn how to be fully on board for the life God has for us.

See what Pastor Bil wrote on his blog yesterday on his post “This Weekend

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