We have a great weekend planned at 5 Points that you don’t want to miss:

All Jacked Up

all jacked up.jpg

All Jacked Up continues this Sunday with another great message from Pastor Bil

When life gets messy, things get all jacked up! Pastor Bil addresses some of the unfortunate, crazy situations people find themselves in and gives us the insight on how to pick up the pieces and put our lives back together.

It’s going to be be good…guaranteed!

5 Points 3 Times

Don’t forget this weekend starts a new time at 5 Points, our all new 1 pm service time.  Now on Sundays you have 3 times to come…3 times to serve…3 times to bring someone!!!  Join us at either 10, 11:30 or 1

Membership Class

MEMBERSHIP 101 is our membership class and this weekend we are hosting our next one at 5 Points. People who attend the class don’t have to become a member, but a person cannot become a member of Bay Area Fellowship without taking MEMBERSHIP 101. Although being a member doesn’t hold any special privileges it does show your level of commitment to the vision of Bay Area Fellowship and to helping change our community.

Join us this Sunday, September 13th during our all new 1 pm service right here at the 5 Points campus.