This Saturday, August 8th, is a Campus Work Day…a day when we are going to get our campus ready for the fall.  We thought we would give you some reasons to be there.

  1. To Serve – It’s an opportunity to do what we are called to do…SERVE
  2. Guests Are Coming – With the start of a new school year and summer being over people start settling back into their routine.  It’s also a time when we see a rise in people checking out our campus.  We want to give them a great first impression.
  3. It’s Your Church – If you are a member or call 5 Points your home church…that means it is only going to be as GOOD as YOU make it.
  4. Meet Others At 5 Points – Many people will be out and it’s going to be a great time to get to know others.
  5. To Help Your Team – Our leaders will be working on many of their areas…if you are part of a team it’s your chance to help take your area to a new level.